At Southern Earth Sciences, Inc. safety is our number one concern.  Over the past few years, our workers have been making the transition to a culture of safety. This has become a core value at our company; one that influences us every day, all day.  Our managers are committed and determined to do everything possible to provide our workers with a safe working environment. In other words, we do this, so that they can go home each day safe and sound.

Program Objectives:

Above all, we strive to eliminate all accidents and injuries to our workers.

Safety Program Key Elements:

  • Applicants are screened using strenuous background checks, and tested for drug use using state-of-the-art hair testing. We also use a random drug testing program that subjects 20% of our workers to random drug tests annually. Our program includes testing for cause as well as post-accident testing.
  • New worker orientation that is tailored to suit each newly hired employee. This lasts a minimum of two days before being cleared for work.
  • On-line training is administered on a continuing basis for all personnel.
  • Quarterly company-wide meetings are mandatory and held at each SES location.
  • We have a working committee comprised of our Safety Director (full-time position) as well as one Safety Officer from each of our 10 office locations. The committee meets via teleconference on a weekly basis. It drives the program, evaluates and recommends improvements. Workers who are injured must participate in a committee meeting to tell their story. They are subjected to questions about the injury by members of the committee.
  • Each office location is inspected by the Safety Director on an annual basis.
  • We keep at least one person at each office that is first aid and CPR trained.
  • Our workers are allowed the authority to stop work if they encounter a situation that is unsafe.
  • Near miss reports are the responsibility of the workers. They are made directly to the Safety Director. There is never any repercussions from filing a near miss report.
  • Supervisors conduct monthly on-site PPE inspections on a random basis to assure that our workers are wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment correctly.
  • The Safety Director delivers a 2-minute safety update voice message every Monday at 9:00 am. This goes to every employee to provide updates about our safety program.  In conclusion, this encourages them to start off the week making safety a priority.

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