Shane George

Branch Manager

Branch Office / Destin, FL

Shane GeorgeMr. George has been a part of the SESI team since 1994 and currently oversees the daily operations of the construction materials testing department at the Destin, FL office.

Mr. George’s qualifications and certifications include: American Concrete Institute – Concrete Field Testing Grade I; American Concrete Institute – Concrete Laboratory Testing Technician Grade I; Construction Materials Engineering Council – Concrete Cylinder Testing Technician; CPN Electronic Laboratories, Inc. Radiological Safety and Gauge Use; FDOT – Asphalt Level 1 Paving Technician; FDOT – Concrete Field Technician Level I; FDOT – Earthwork Construction Inspector Level I; FDOT – Earthwork Construction Inspector Level I; Environmental Institute – Asbestos in Buildings: Inspections and Assessment; University of Florida – Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor; and Sampling & Evaluating Airborne Asbestos, NIOSH 583.

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